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cama eletrotérmica "Thermotex IR petbed Small"

fabricado pela famosa THERMOTEX (têxteis tecnológicos), é um item Qualidade PREMIUM, durável, lavável, com efeito térmico fisioterapêutico IR (infra-vermelhos) para conveniência, bem estar e saúde do animal. Comando de controlo digital.

( Thermotex )
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Thermotex Platinum Pad

The Small Infrared Pet Bed is the ideal solution for cats and many small dogs.

The deep penetrating infrared energy will not only keep your animal snug and warm, but will also provide the same infrared benefits which have been benefical to so many people around the world.

Industry leading “Your Dog” Magazine in the United Kingdom gave Thermotex therapeutic pet beds their top marks, 15 out of 15 in their January 2010 product review.

How Far-Infrared Therapy Works: Through the process of absorbing far-infrared thermal energy, tissues are safely and gently heated which results in an increased blood-flow to the treated areas. A body’s natural response to this thermal energy is to maintain a condition known as homeostasis —a balanced equilibrium throughout the body. To do this, your pets body responds to the thermal infrared energy by increasing the blood flow to the area being treated.

Digital Control: Research shows the optimal temperature for providing infrared energy is between 43 and 44 degrees celcius. By utilising the new digital control featured in all of our Thermotex products, you can accurately select this optimal infrared heat setting - or any other setting between 37-55 degrees celcius that your pet may prefer. If you would like to read more about optimising infrared thermal energy for your pet, you can do so by clicking here.

Recommended Usage: We recommend setting the digital control to 'continuous' operation to allow your pet to use the bed at their leisure. Another option is to turn the bed 'on' each evening with the timer set to 10-12 hours.

Thermotex Digital Control


Features & Specifications

Number of Elements: 1
Internal Dimensions: 55cm x 44cm x 10cm
External Dimensions: 65cm x 55cm x 13cm
Cover Type: Removable and washable
Temperature Range: 37 - 55 celcius
Input Voltage: 100 - 240 Volts
Operating Voltage: 24 Volts
Timer: 1-12 Hours, Continuous