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tesoura profissional de pet-grooming de gama alta Champ, design Sam Kohl em liga especial de aço+carbono, fabricadas na Alemanha. Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( Aaronco )
€76,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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Tesoura profissional para pet-grooming da gama Champ® da Aaronco, Inc., desenhada por Sam Kohl.


refª do fabricante: Champ® 8


20,5 cm de comprimento

liga especial de aço-carbono


Champ® Scissors


Moderately priced line of grooming shears with high price performance. 

Forged of carbon steel, coated in Teflon® and hand-fashioned by master craftsmen in Germany.

Carbon steel scissors are easier to sharpen and stay sharp longer. 

Champ® scissors cost less than stainless steel scissors.

Teflon® finish prevents rusting.

The flat black Teflon® finish makes precision grooming easier against light-colored coats.

The flat black Teflon® finish means no eye-fatigue from annoying reflective glare.

Each Champ® scissor comes with stylish lavender-colored finger rings.

7 styles of scissors are available.