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tesoura profissional de pet-grooming de gama ECONÓMICA Prima, design Sam Kohl em liga especial de aço inox alemão. Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( Manufacturer )
€14,76 (Incluindo 23 % IVA)

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The Prima 8.5, is a low cost, high value tool specifically designed for the student/novice groomer, who tend to hold scissors incorrectly. The Prima is made with specially molded plastic handles, an offset short shank, fixed finger rest, and long blades. It is light weight, made of high quality stainless steel and is perfectly balanced. It automatically places the fingers where they need to be to scissor properly and with ease. Its ergonomic design aids in prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. The Prima is also the perfect scissor choice for seasoned groomers doing prep work