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ecógrafo veterinário CTS7700V

Excelente equipamento de qualidade PREMIUM. Sondas de 128 elementos, multifrequência (5 frequencias). O preço inclui 2 sondas à escoha (microconvexa, convexa, linear, ou linear rectal). Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( SIUI )
€8 597,70 (Incluindo 23 % IVA)

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  • 10.4-inch non-interlace LCD monitor
  • Up to 512 frames B mode cine playback
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function
  • Screen saver function
  • Probe auto freeze function
  • Unique high-definition zoom function
  • Speckle reduction technology
    This application can deliver more clear-cut tissue edge and better shading. Tissue and structure with lesion can be identified easily.
  • Flexible storage media option
  • Storage Media:
  •   Hard disk
  •   USB disk
  •   and DICOM. 
  • Storage formats: BMP, JPG, AVI and CIN.
  • Ergonomic Settings
  •    IP One-touch Optimization.
  •    User-define function keys.
  •    Smart tracking function.
  • Complete reproductive measurement software, Equine, bovine, ovine, canine, feline and primate.

Product features

• Full digital beam forming technology and crystal-clear image
• Super broadband, multi-frequency , high density probes group
• USB port available
• Elegant and new-style design
• Light and handy


Standard Configuration

• Main unit
• Hard disk image archiving
• 2 USB ports
• 2 probe connectors
• 2 probes at customer's option


Modern High-Tech Veterinary Probes:

• Rectal probe L5I65VB (3.5/4.2/5.0/5.7/6.5MHz)
• Broadband linear probe L7L38B (5.0/6.2/7.5/8.2/10.0MHz)
• Broadband linear probe L7I50B (5.0/6.2/7.5/8.2/10.0MHz)
• Broadband linear probe L10L25B (8.0/9.0/10.0/11.0/12.0MHz)
• Broadband rectal probe L7I50VB (5.0/6.2/7.5/8.2/10.0MHz)
• Broadband rectal probe U5L50B (3.5/4.2/5.0/5.7/6.5MHz)
• Microconvex probe C5I20B/R20 (3.5/4.2/5.0/5.7/6.5MHz)
• Microconvex probe C6I15B/R15 (4.5/5.2/6.0/6.7/7.5MHz)
• Biopsy guide for convex or linear probe
• Biopsy guide for rectal probe

BPD (Biparental Diameter) GSD (Gestational Sac Diameter) HD (Head Diameter)
BD (Body Diameter) CRL (Crown-Pump Length) BD (Body Diameter)
CRL (Crown-Pump Length) HD (Head Diameter) Vol-B (Volume)
TD (Trunk Diameter) BD (Body Diameter)  
Vol-B (Volume) Vol-B (Volume)  
Angle (Angle) Angle (Angle)  
BPD (Biparental Diameter) BPD (Biparental Diameter)  
USD (Umbilicus to Spine Diameter) GSD (Gestational Sac Diameter)  
CRL (Crown-Pump Length) Vol-B (Volume)  
TD (Trunk Diameter) Angle (Angle)  
Vol-B (Volume)    
Angle (Angle)    



  • .- PREMIUM quality medical class
  • .- Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • .- High-Density 5-Frequency Probes
  • .- Veterinary software package
  • .- Equine / Bovine / Canine / Feline calculations
  • .- Robust 512-frame Cineloop
  • .- Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • .- USB Drive for transfering images to computer
  • .- Lightweight portable design
  • .- 24-month Warranty at any authorized European dealer with qualified service centre