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Combo-24ecógrafo veterinário CTS7700V

Micromotor/polidor REGITRON

Micromotor para dentisteria e cirurgia, com contra-angulo NSK original incluído, onde pode acoplar borrachas de polimento, brocas, serras de diamante, frezas, etc., etc.. Robusto, e muito funcional. Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( Regitron OEM )
€450,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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.- dental contra-angle Handpiece for E-Type Micro Motor NSK Model NSK Low Speed Handpice designed for use with any E-type Maverick medical class micro motors!


.- Low Speed 5,000-20,000 rpm

.- For any E-type Maverick micro motors

.- The shank of the instrument mounted is 2.35 mm

.- Fastening of the instruments with a turning latch

.- Autoclavable 134ºC

Dental Line Surgery Medical Class E-Type Maverick Micro Motor

.- Handle designed to adapt any (NSK or other brand) contra-angle Low Speed type


.- selectable Low Speed from 5.000 to 20.000 rpm

REGITRON warranty: 24 months

equipamento selecionado com a garantia de qualidade REGITR®N


REGITR®N overview of the product:

.- Maverick series are classics for OEM and enjoy tremendous popularity and reputaion in global market, where absolute top performances are required.

Where REGITRON oem brand is supposed to be !

REGITRON Maverick configuration:

.- Maverick control + Maverick E-type motor

The warrior among E-type motors. Its operation is just as good as it looks.

.- Ultra light-weight E-type motor gives the user additional freedom of movement and superb handling.

.- Automatic cooling fan for continuous speed performance.

.- An elastic curled cord of handpiece gives great flexibility, allowing the operator to work ease and conveniently.

.- Motor adopts anti-friction carbon brushes (no replacement required) and rare servicing is required.

.- Considerable smaller and shorter, thus significantly lighter than other comparable E-type motors.

.- International standard interface for E-type straight or E-type contra angle or air turbine handpiece.

System Contents:

.Maverick Control unit

.Maverick E-type motor

.Foot pedal

.Handpiece Stand

Power cord European plug type connector

REGITRON configuration includes E-type contra angle handpiece NSK.

Control Unit:

230VAC 50Hz Europlug supply, usable anywhere in the world, with Safety Protection fuse.

Triple-protection inside preventing eletronic circuit from:

--- over-heating

---- over-loading

----- over-electric-current